October 16, 2019 

Typhoon Hagibis – CAT response services

Typhoon 19 (Hagibis) made landfall Saturday, October 12 devastating the east coast of Japan with reports of more than 36 inches of rain in 24 hours. According to local reports, Hagibis has caused at least 75 deaths, damaged more than 16,000 homes and led to 140 landslides — with the extreme likelihood of more to come. At least 10 people are still missing and more than 5,500 people remain evacuated. Sedgwick would like to ensure our clients know that we are here to help.

Click here to view the real-time landslide risk map.

Click here to view the real-time flood risk map.

Sedgwick response

Sedgwick has set up a Catastrophe (CAT) response team in Japan. Stephen Hope, Head of Major and Complex Losses (MCL) for Asia, arrived in Japan on Friday 11 October to set up an operations center. He is joined by Robert Williams, MCL Technical Director for Asia. Together with Darren Livengood, Catastrophe Manager for Asia and Japan Country Manager, they are leading the response.

Sedgwick has also mobilized a large team of adjusters from around the region to assist and work with the local Japan team. Our adjusters have an average of 30 years of experience handling all types of residential and commercial claims, including large complex and catastrophic losses. The Japan team will liaise with clients in the local language and work seamlessly with the support team from abroad.

With the largest pool of resources in the industry, Sedgwick is prepared to respond to our customers’ claims handling needs.

Catastrophe contacts


    Darren Livengood | Catastrophe Manager, Asia and Japan Country Manager
    +81 90 3200 1616 | darren.livengood@jp.sedgwick.com

    Stephen Hope | Executive Director, Head of MCL Global – Asia
    +65 9179 8189 | stephen.hope@global.sedgwick.com

    Robert Williams | MCL Technical Director, Regional – Asia
    +65 9622 8529| robert.williams@sg.sedgwick.com

    Nicki Dunn | Head of third party administration services division – Asia
    +65 9834 0019| nicki.dunn@sg.sedgwick.com


    Ben Price | Head of Operations – MCL Global
    +44 7831 217510 | ben.price@uk.sedgwick.com

To report claims, contact Darren Livengood for immediate set up and assignment.


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