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March 13, 2018 | No. 5

New Sedgwick website design enhances user experience

To better meet the evolving needs of the consumers, clients and other stakeholders we serve, we are pleased to introduce a new design for the Sedgwick website. Built on an enhanced user interface, the site intuitively guides visitors to the information and support resources they seek.

Now, our website more accurately reflects our consumer-focused approach, offering educational resources that explain the claim and benefit administration process, easy access to the mySedgwick self-service tool, and automated customer service capabilities. Visitors to the site can also explore career opportunities at Sedgwick and learn more about our leading-edge solutions and resources.

Notable new site features include:

  • Educational resources: To assist consumers in understanding processes that may be new to them, we have added simplified descriptions of the main categories of claims and cases we administer. We have also produced a brief video showing what injured workers can anticipate in the workers’ compensation process, including completing and returning medical authorization forms, selecting a medical provider, benefit payments, prescriptions, staying in touch with their examiner and returning to work. Additional Sedgwick videos designed to educate the consumers we serve will be launched in the coming months.
  • mySedgwick: To align with the company brand and clearly convey the connection between Sedgwick and our self-service resources, viaOne® express is being renamed mySedgwick. The purpose, connectivity and functionality of the application remain unchanged: to provide consumers with the ability to view details about their claim or case and receive alerts and push communications based on their preferences. Users can easily update information and keep the process moving forward, using web or mobile access to confirm return-to-work dates; upload documents, information or images; view and complete medical authorization and medical history release forms; and much more. As the first step in our rebranding process, users will begin seeing the mySedgwick logo on the general login screen of our self-service application. Login pages for dedicated client sites that are co-branded with viaOne express and the client logo will remain unchanged, unless the client requests a visual shift to mySedgwick. We will provide additional information on brand enhancements and new features in the near future.
  • Automated customer service: Website users can now chat with us! One simple click connects to “Carey,” a 24/7 virtual customer service tool that will direct consumers, job seekers and other users to targeted resources based on the information they provide via chat. Carey’s offerings will further expand with forthcoming enhancements to our self-service capabilities.

Sedgwick’s redesigned website is now available at sedgwick.com, and our press release announcing the launch of the new site is posted here. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact your Sedgwick client services representative.

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