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CompManagement Health Systems Client Bulletin

September 1, 2016

New tool introduced to help treat back disorders

Physicians now have a new technology to help treat patients with back disorders. The clinical Lumbar Motion Monitor (cLMM) assesses the lower back in motion to accurately determine the extent and nature of impairment, and the current re-injury risk. The tool was developed by The Ohio State University’s Spine Research Institute and is part of a pilot program with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

CompManagement Health Systems (CHS) is coordinating the recruitment of physicians of record (PORs) from central Ohio and the surrounding area to participate in the pilot. Patients must have a workplace injury involving their lower back and an allowed claim. Participating PORs will receive full reimbursement for the care provided to patients with eligible claims.

How it works

Patients interact with a computer screen to complete a series of non-forced exertions, which are tracked through a lightweight, wearable device. Testing a patient during movement provides a comprehensive view of their motion signature when compared to tests done in a static position. The patient’s results are compared to a database of 400 impaired and 400 healthy individuals for analysis purposes.

Improving outcomes

The objective, quantitative results of the tool provide a non-invasive view into a patient’s condition to help guide their treatment. The lumbar motion signature technology can help promote a safe, timely return to work and assist the clinician with the most effective plan of care for quality outcomes. It is designed to better allocate medical resources and avoid expensive and non-productive treatment options. The earlier the tool is used, the more helpful it can be in assessing injury severity, and choosing the most reasonably appropriate treatment to optimize outcomes and improve results for the patient.

Learn more

For more information on using cLMM for workers' compensation claims, please contact your CHS account executive directly, or you can reach our customer service team at or call 888-247-7799 x 68726.


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