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CompManagement Health Systems Client Bulletin

September 15, 2015

Creating a culture of health
By Bob McCollins, Pulse Health Solutions

Americans spend a lot of time at work, even more than they devote to sleep and leisure activities. Health and wellness seem to take a back seat to earning a living! It’s no wonder we struggle with an alarming rate of chronic diseases that while costly are also preventable. Increasing physical activity and sleep, eating better, lowering tobacco and alcohol use, and having annual preventive exams can dramatically improve health and well-being.

An increasing number of companies have begun to consider the benefits of investing in programs that provide health awareness, health education and incentives for their employees. With rising health insurance rates, and unhealthy employees impacting workers’ compensation claims and risk, more companies are breaking down the traditional silos and making health and well-being part of their culture. Any successful business or organization knows that hope is usually never a sound strategy for success, yet H-O-P-E is the perfect strategy to improve the health and well-being of your employees:

  • Healthy employees are happier employees – This creates a happier workplace; people
    are working together in a great environment and jobs no longer feel like work.
  • On the job and with fewer sick days – Studies show that people who maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a healthy diet get sick less than people who don’t.
  • Productivity improves when people feel their best – Healthy employees are more
    focused, engaged in their work, and more likely to perform at a higher level in both
    quality and efficiency.
  • Energy in your workplace soars as your culture of health and well-being increases – When everyone is focused on good health, you will see the energy shift as they come together
    to give each other encouragement and support.

With a team of happier, healthier employees, your business or organization will feel the positive impact. Productivity increases and the energy around the workplace will see a dramatic, positive improvement and as a result, so will your bottom line!

Bob McCollins is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Pulse Health Solutions (PHS) who provides assistance with the design, discovery, planning, implementation and measurement of your health and wellness culture. PHS has the ability to serve as your in-sourced wellness department and provide the resources to assist or lead in developing a comprehensive year-round program. To learn more about PHS and how they can assist you with workplace wellness (and BWC’s Wellness Grant Program), you may reach Bob by phone at 614-264-9694 or via email at

For questions, please contact CHS at or call 888-247-7799 x 65606.

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